Lifestyle & Commercial Shoots

Fifth Season Productions - Web documentary series for Afghanistan International Television filmed across the UK with multiple interviewees. Television ready hair and makeup for presenter and touch-ups for all those on camera throughout the day. (Episodes released online weekly, worked on eps 4, 6, 7, 8, 9)

Manto Films - shooting web/advertising content for Harrington's Pet Food with Yorkshire Vet Peter Wright, male grooming and touch-ups on set where required.

Manto Films - shooting for York based company Gemini Worktops, hair and makeup for model family of four (2 adults, 2 children), changes and touch-ups on set throughout the shoot.

 McGill Productions - shooting web and social media content for the Antique Jewellery Company.

Komi Group - shooting television commercial with south west dating agency Attractive Partners, hair and makeup for 2 actors with changes and touch-ups throughout the day. 


Published Work

As featured in:

This Years Girl Magazine February 2022 Issue - Cover Story titled Into The Light (front page)

Scorpio Jin Volume 49 Issue 3 July 2021 - cover story and feature titled Blossom (pg 124 - 135).

Dreamy Magazine / Teen Dreamy Elite Magazine Issue 301 - feature titled Summer Queen (pg 70 - 73).

Moevir June Issue SS/2021 - feature titled Colour Brave (pg 52 - 59).

This Years Girl February 2022
Scorpio Jin Magazine Volume 49_Issue_3_JUICY_LOVE.png
Scorpio Jin Magazine Volume 49_Issue_3_JUICY_LOVE66.png
Scorpio Jin Magazine Volume 49_Issue_3_JUICY_LOVE124.png
Scorpio Jin Magazine Volume 49_Issue_3_JUICY_LOVE65.png
1 Moevir Magazine June Issue 202156.jpg
Scorpio Jin Magazine Volume 49_Issue_3_JUICY_LOVE67.png
1 Moevir Magazine June Issue 202154.jpg
Scorpio Jin Magazine Volume 49_Issue_3_JUICY_LOVE64.png
1 Moevir Magazine June Issue 202155.jpg
1 Moevir Magazine June Issue 202152.jpg

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